MARTEL DESJARDINS Chartered Professionnal Accountants Inc. offers a wide range of services specifically designed to meet current businesses needs by developing new fields of expertise in conformity with today's entrepreneurial trends.

Public accounting

  • Audit of annual or intermediate financial statements
  • Review of annual or intermediate financial statements
  • Compilation of annual or intermediate financial statements
  • Contractual audit
  • Due diligence audit for the purpose of business acquisition and other purposes


  • Tax planning at canadian and international levels
  • Preparation of annual tax returns
  • Assistance in dealing with tax authorities at all levels and, if need be, negotiations with them (assessments, opposition)
  • Quebec sales tax and consumer goods and services tax (QST, GST/HST).
  • Planning, assessment, appeal and opposition
  • RS & DE services
  • Corporate reorganisation
  • Tax advice

Financial Services

  • Preparation of business plans and development strategies
  • Financial structure analysis and financial forecasts or projections
  • Consulting and negotiations for short, medium and long-term financing
  • Selection of financing strategy
  • Assessment of securities for financial institutions
  • Business turnaround and reorganization for financial institutions
  • Business management for financial institutions
  • Assistance in obtaining grants

General, commercial and administrative organization

  • Assistance in developing the organizational and corporate flowchart, the accounting structure, responsibilities and tasks definition
  • Assistance in developing and setting-up accounting systems, chart of accounts and internal control systems
  • Assistance in decentralization, standardization and diversification
  • " Assistance in recruiting accounting personnel and other type of staff
  • Assistance in developing business strategies

Support for administrators and financial management

  • Assistance in the preparation of financial forecasts or projections
  • Costs, margins and profitability analysis
  • Investment projects: costs and profitability
  • Budget controls
  • Research study to maximize profitability and administrative efficiency
  • Assistance in preventing of administrative problems and developing problem-solving solutions
  • Business turnaround and reorganization
  • Business accounting
  • Preparation and filing of government reports
  • Tax and/or financial advice regarding the purchase or the sale of a business
  • Analysis of financial management and return on investment
  • Accounting for portfolio investments
  • Outsourcing

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